What I’m Into March 2018


Another month has come and gone and once again I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to talk about what I’ve been into this month.


This might be the slowest reading month I’ve had in years. I only finished three books this month (four if you count the Walter Brueggeman Lent Devotional I worked through, I suppose). I really enjoyed all three, though. Daniel Mallory Ortberg’s short story collection The Merry Spinster was a little scarier and more unsettling than I usually read, but you know I never pass up the chance to read anything he writes or redone fairy tales. Shadowsong, the sequel to Sunny Jae-Jones’ Wintersong, took me about a hundred pages to really get into but was unputdownable once I did. My favourite read of the month, though, was CJ Redwine’s The Shadow Queen, a riff on Snow White and the first novel in her Ravenspire Series. I look forward to getting the rest of the books in the series so far from the library. You can catch my reading progress for the year here.


On the TV front, I’ve been keeping up with the usual shows (Jane the Virgin is so good right now!) Aaron and I have also been watching though The Goldbergs and really loving it. We’re both too young to be properly nostalgic for the 80s, but we’re especially enjoying the show’s soundtrack. I also watched the first season of Timeless on Netflix and am catching up on Season 2. I’m a sucker for a good time travel show, though frankly I think they made Lucy Preston an expert on far too wide a swath of time. I guess they can’t just go and hire a different historian to travel to every era.

I also saw two movies in theatres this month: A Wrinkle In Time (enjoyed it, it made me want to revisit the book) and Love Simon (very sweet, and I recommend Tuesday afternoon showings if they work for your schedule. The theatre is nice and empty).

And of course we also saw a live show this month. The Drayton Entertainment production of Hairspray was fantastic. I laughed, choked up, and had to physically restrain myself from singing along on multiple occasions.


The current soundtrack of my car rides is Amy Grant’s Greatest Hits. It’s tough to pick a favourite track, but I think it’s between Takes A Little Time and Every Heartbeat. I am nothing if not current in my music tastes.

I also attended a delightful concert/storytelling event held at the Brubacher House (a local landmark/museum), featuring a series of folks songs inspired by the Martyrs’ Mirror, the famous early modern Anabaptist martyrology. I’m a sucker for a good concept album and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I came across this video of Ray Boltz singing The Anchor Holds post-coming out and found it deeply moving. It takes on a whole new resonance in light of his story for sure.


March includes my very favourite culinary holiday of the year: Pi Day. I never pass up the chance to observe it, and this year we hosted a dinner party for some friends that involved pie for both the main course (chicken, leek, and Brie pie and sauerkraut, sausage, and bacon pie) and dessert (a chocolate almond marshmallow cream pie and spiced pear mini pies). Alas, I mixed up the last two digits of my Pi mini pie run, but overall I’m very pleased with how everything turned out.

We also had our first church potluck since I bought myself a three-tiered cupcake caddy, so I was very excited to debut it there. I made chocolate pomegranate cupcakes, pumpkin orange cupcakes, and apricot, rum, and brown butter cupcakes, and I made good and sure no one could use Lent as an excuse not to try one.

I also enjoyed baking treats for the Bible study I’ve been leading every Sunday over Lent. I finally managed a proper batch of stained glass cookies (I think I might have ruined them in the past by not using enough candy, or maybe the fact that I used Silpats helped) and also got to break out my ninjabread men cookie cutters.

The most complicated new technique I tried this month was a cake collar for this Raspberry Bavarian from the Company’s Coming Decadent Desserts cookbook.

My quest to use my cookbooks this year has temporarily resulted in my using a lot fewer Pinterest recipes, but I still found some great ones there this month. In particular, this lentil, roasted veggie, and halloumi bake is possibly the best vegetarian dish I’ve ever tasted (though I strongly suggest halving the broth du the veggies and lentils aren’t swimming in the final product. As usual, you can find my favourite Pinterest recipes of the month through my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest board.


I finished this welcome cross stitch with Wi-Fi info for a dear friend of mine and the most hospitable person I know.

2018-03-24 13.48.59

I took advantage of a custom framing sale at Michaels to get the two largest cross stitches I made in college properly framed. They turned out so well!

I also enjoyed working on this month’s picture in my colouring calendar.


These are some of the funniest/best things I saw online this month.

2018-03-07 15.14.16

2018-03-11 08.02.41

2018-04-02 13.15.00

2018-04-02 13.16.08

2018-04-02 13.18.35

2018-04-02 13.16.23

2018-04-02 13.22.12

I’m particularly stoked about the idea of a live-action Prince of Egypt with Justin Baldoni as Moses. It needs to happen.


March is my birthday month, and it was a good one. I had lots of opportunities to do fun things around my birthday, and spent the day itself taking a break from my dissertation work and doing only things I enjoyed. It was a great day, and I received some thoughtful and unexpected gifts from friends and family.

I also really enjoyed leading Bible study at church throughout Lent. and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do something like that sooner rather than later.

That’s it for me for the month. Be sure to head over to Leigh’s blog and check out some of the other link-up contributions.