What I’m Into August 2017


The end of August/beginning of September is probably the biggest month transition for me. I know the new year technically starts in January, but in academia it’s really September. The end of August is when you realize your summer is almost gone and you still haven’t accomplished all you hoped. It took a few more late nights than I’d have liked, but I’ve finally finished drafting the dissertation chapter I promised myself I’d finish by the end of August, so I’m taking a break and linking up with Leigh Kramer to talk about what I was into last month (when I wasn’t dissertating).


The best thing about library holds (print and ebook) is that they give you a deadline to finish a book, which makes reading for fun even with other deadlines looming a bit easier to justify. I continued my read-through of Tamora Pierce’s oeuvre and made it through the lioness quartet in about two days.

My library copy of Sarah Maas’ A Court of Wings and Ruin also came in at the beginning of the month, and I devoured it almost immediately. It was nice to see Feyre and Rhysand get a happy ending.

I also borrowed Laini Taylor’s Strange the Dreamer, and I’m interested to see where she takes this next. I have a theory that Lazlo is Azareen’s son. I’m not quite sure whether the math works out but I think it would be fitting.

Roxane Gay’s Hunger was every bit as stunning and gut-wrenching as advertised.

My surprise read of the month was Sasha Martin’s Life from Scratch, which was part memoir part food writing. The way she wrote about processing her difficult childhood while cooking a recipe from every country in the world for her blog Global Table Adventure was really beautiful (and I’m slowly making my way through the blog and pinning all the things).


We’re anxiously waiting for all our favourite shows to start up again. In the meantime, we’ve been watching through Baby Daddy. It’s not the best thing we’ve ever seen (I could deal with 100% fewer Riley used to be fat jokes), but it’s a comedy and it’s something to watch in the evenings when there’s nothing else. I continue to be open to recommendations.

In the theatre, we saw two plays this month. The Stratford adaption of Twelfth Night (my favourite Shakespeare play) was just delightful! We also got tickets to Drayton’s One for the Pot, and we were in stitches the whole time. Next month our Mirvish subscription for the coming season starts, and we’re quite excited for that also.


This hymn, which I had heard before but had never really stopped to listen to.

Michael Card’s I’m Not Supposed to Be Here, which resonates deeply with my theological journey.


This peach, Brie, and prosciutto tart was super easy and combined many of my favourite flavours.

2017-08-02 18.19.16

I also took full advantage of all the in-season fruit to try out a whole bunch of sorbet recipes. This raspberry and red currant one and the cherry, grapefruit, and basil were some of my favourites

Another great way to use summer fruit is these burgers with Brie, bacon, arugula, and a homemade blueberry barbecue sauce.

2017-08-28 18.23.56

Finally, I got to put my cupcake skills to the test again for a friend’s birthday party. I particularly liked the coconut lime cupcakes (I subbed all purpose gluten-free blend for flour, earth balance for the butter in the frosting, coconut milk for the buttermilk, and coconut oil for the butter in the cupcakes to make them gluten-free and dairy free, and they still turned out). I toasted the coconut, because there is no reason to ever skip that step.

As usual, you can catch all my favourite recipes of the month on my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest page


I got to preach this month at the church we’ve been attending for the past year, and it was a huge privilege. I’ve missed it! My friend Bruce snapped this picture for me.


My parents and brother were visiting, so they got to hear me preach for the first time, and we had a lovely visit with them.

Also, Aaron and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary with a weekend trip to Ottawa. Would you believe that until this month I had toured the capitals of more than 10 other countries but never the capital of Canada?

Also, I guess it’s technically the opposite of IRL, but I got Snapchat and Bitmoji on my phone this month and I’ve been having entirely too much fun with them. The you’re dead to me cross-stitch is absolute favourite bitmoji, though it’s a bit hard to think of appropriate venues to use it.

This coming month, I’m particularly excited to teach my first course as a sessional instructor, so I’m finishing up prep for that before Thursday. It’s a great opportunity and I’m really looking forward to it.

That’s it for me for the month. Be sure to check out Leigh’s blog for other link-up contributions.


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