What I’m Into May 2017


Another month has come and gone and, as usual, I am linking up with Leigh Kramer to talk about what I’ve been into this month.


I mostly read fiction these days (excepting academic obligations), which I can breeze through in a day or two, but this month I took some time to read some nonfiction as well. Several people from my church took part in a pilgrimage for indigenous rights, in which they walked 600 km from Kitchener to Ottawa to express their support for Bill C-262, which calls for Canada to fully implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. They stopped at churches along the way and conducted teach-ins. I was not up to walking 600 km, but I did want to take the time to learn more about the issues facing aboriginal people in Canada, so I picked up Indigenous Writes by Chelsea Vowel, which I highly recommend. It was accessible and informative, and answered every question I had and many more I didn’t think to ask.

Fiction-wise, my favourite read of the month was fan-fictiony but delightful. Lara Ormiston’s Unequal Affections imagines that Lizzy accepts Darcy’s first proposal and tells the story from there. I thoroughly enjoyed it (other than the fact that Ormiston sometimes slips up and uses contractions). You get to see Lizzy and Darcy’s character growth a bit more explicitly than in the original, and Wickham gets a comeuppance, which is quite satisfying. As usual, you can see the books I’ve read so far this year here. Also, I’ve now met the goal I set for myself of 50 books this year, so yay for setting unambitious goals, I guess.


On the small screen, we watched through all of the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and the gospel song version of the theme song (unbreakable/he’s alive, damnit/it’s a miracle/Jesus is strong as hell) is possibly my favourite TV joke of all time. I have also had Titus’ song about California stuck in my head pretty consistently, unfortunately. We also watched through the new Anne series, which, minor liberties with the source material notwithstanding, was fantastic, and started on Brooklyn 99 and the Handmaid’s Tale.

Onstage, we watched the Stratford Production of HMS Pinafore (I will take every opportunity to watch a Gilbert and Sullivan show, because they’re just so good) and the Mirvish production of Strictly Ballroom: The Musical (a little light on plot, but some truly fantastic dance numbers and costumes). (Also, in exciting theatre news, we just purchased 2017/2018 Mirvish main season subscriptions, so we are now officially those people).


I tried my hand at one of those no-knead, baked at a high temperature in a Dutch oven bread recipes, and I was super pleased with the result, which was gorgeous and delicious.2017-05-14 23.48.29.jpg

I also went on a bit of a prosciutto appetizers kick. These pear, prosciutto, goat cheese, and honey appetizers were super simple but absolutely delicious, and these mini prosciutto cups filled with goat cheese were a hit at our board game party this month. I also thought these domino potatoes were really fun, because food is automatically better when it’s served in a ramekin imo.

2017-05-02 18.46.29.jpg

I even tried my hand at recipe development this month, which is a rarity but always fun. I came up with these sugar free (sweetened with honey) spiced chocolate cutout cookies, and they were a big hit. (I also got to break out some new cookie cutters I’d acquired, which is always an exciting occasion).

2017-05-03 17.53.32

As usual, you can find all my favourite recipes of the month on my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest board.


The big exciting news of the month, which has taken my family by storm, is that my sister got engaged. The wedding is July 8th, and I’m a bridesmaid and on cupcake duty (which I’ve never tried before for an event of this size, and I’m so excited to get into it). Also, in the process of trying to find my bridesmaid dress, I ended up also finding this one in my size. I’m terrible at outfit selfies, but it’s bright and colourful and in my size and makes me happy.

2017-05-21 17.53.31.jpg

That’s it for me for the month, be sure to head over to Leigh’s website and check out what everyone else has been into.