What I’m Into March 2017

Another month has wrapped up, so as usual I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share some of what I’ve been into this March.



This month I found out that there’s a Liane Moriarty book I hadn’t read yet, so of course I had to get my hands on it. It was surprisingly difficult to find a copy of Three Wishes (not in the library system, not available via Kindle Canada), but I finally found a secondhand copy online. It was as unputdownable as Moriarty always is, and Cat’s husband Dan is the actual worst. I also finally got to read the library copy of Jane Steele and, despite having heard so many good things about it, was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It was probably my favourite read of the month. As usual, you can find everything I’ve read so far this year here.


I am scraping the bottom of the barrel on Netflix Canada, guys. If you have any tv comedy recommendations for binge-watching, I’m all ears. Currently, I’m keeping up with the usual shows. I’m slowly reconciling myself to the new reality on Jane the Virgin, and I’ve really been enjoying Superstore and Speechless.

Movie-wise, we went to see the new Beauty and the Beast, and really enjoyed the way it kept all the best parts of the original, including all the songs (what’s with this nonsense of Disney remakes without songs? I heard a horrible rumour that Mulan won’t be a musical). I still maintain that Hugh Bonneville would have encapsulated the essence of Cogsworth better than Ian McKellen, though. McKellen is just too dignified, and Cogsworth wants to be, but is more bumbling than anything.


We’ve been anxiously awaiting the Come From Away soundtrack since we saw (and absolutely loved) the show in Toronto before it went on to Broadway. It’s been great to relive the show through the music. How good is this song by Jenn Colella, who plays American Airlines Captain Beverley Bass, one of the pilots who landed in Gander in 9/11?

We also went to see two musicals this month: Book of Mormon in Toronto and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Cambridge, and the soundtracks have been pretty steady fixtures around the house and in the car since then. The Joseph Megamix is pretty much guaranteed to get me in a good mood instantly.


I cannot gush enough about this recipe for Atlantic Beach Pie, which was so amazing (and surprisingly easy) that I made it twice this month. It’s got a Saltine Crust and a creamy lemon filling and a whipped cream and fleur de sel topping and it is possibly one of my top five desserts of all time. It’s actually been a pretty citrus-heavy month, since Meyer lemons finally showed up in stores and of course I had to buy like 4 lbs. We’re still working through them. This Meyer Lemon Ginger Curd was particularly good, as were these Meyer Lemon Bars with a Poppyseed Shortbread Crust. On the non-citrus front, I really enjoyed this Sausage and Halloumi Bake, and I expect it’ll be even better when tomatoes and zucchini are in season (it’s actually a What I’m Into Link-up find from last summer. Thanks Fiona!) As usual, you can find all my favourite new recipes of the month over on my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest Board.

That’s pretty much it for me for the month, be sure to head over to Leigh’s blog and check out some of the other contributions. You never know what book, tv, music, or recipe recommendations you’ll find.

What I’m Into February 2017


Another month, another link-up. This month I was mostly into working to finish a draft of one of my dissertation chapters, but I also managed to get in some reading and TV watching and baking in between writing bursts. I am, as usual, linking up with Leigh Kramer to share some of what I’ve been into this month.


I didn’t quite match my January high of 14 books, but I did make it through another 9 this month. My favourites were the Jewel trilogy by Amy Ewing. It’s somewhere between dystopia and fantasy, and the jacket advertised it as Handmaid’s Tale meets Keira Cass’ The Selection. I devoured book one on Kindle in one night and enjoyed it so much that I immediately found the library’s ebook copy of book 2  and stayed up for another few hours. Definitely recommended for fans of YA fantasy/dystopia. I also enjoyed Kathryn Purdie’s Burning Glass, a YA fantasy novel that takes place in a Russia-esque setting, pre-Revolution. You can see all the books I’ve read so far this year here.


On the live theatre front, we caught a community theatre production of Seussical, which was a lot of fun. I’ve also been keeping up with the usual TV and also giving Riverdale, the CW’s new series, a try. I’m not a fan of some of the places they’re taking the arcs (it’s much darker than your average Archie comic), but I’m somewhat intrigued so far. I loved loved loved the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season finale, and I’m super pumped to see where they take it in season 3. And Jane the Virgin had to go and crush my heart into a thousand tiny pieces (I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been this upset by a TV event), but I’m still keeping up because the writers and the cast are so fantastic.


I’ve been alternating between the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs and All Sons and Daughters for most of the month, which is honestly makes for a bit of thematic whiplash, but they’re both so good in their own ways.


February involved a bit more ordering out than usual (hello deadline) but I still found time to try some new things. My favourite part of February is the specialty citrus that starts to show up in grocery stores. I haven’t tracked down any Meyer lemons yet, which is a pity, but I did find some key limes and blood oranges. I used the key limes in these lovely lime and ginger scones, and the blood oranges in this to die for blood orange olive oil cake (I swear, Deb from smitten kitchen is a culinary Midas. Every recipe she comes up with is stunning.) As usual, you can find all my favourite recipes of the month on my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest Board.


Last fall, when I sprained my ankle and took up swimming because I couldn’t do anything else, I signed myself up for swimming lessons for the winter to work on improving my different strokes. It turned out to be a fabulous decision. It’s been such a long time since I really took the time to learn a new skill, especially a physical one, and I’ve been enjoying tracking my progress each week. I think I need to start looking for other fun classes in the future.

I’ve also been working away at this cross stitch for a friend and cackling to myself as I do it. It’s a lot of fun.


That’s about it for me for the month. Be sure to check out Leigh’s website for more link-up contributions.