What I’m Into March 2016

I’m a bit late joining in on Leigh’s link-up this month because I was over in Germany visiting family for the weekend, but as usual I’m linking up to talk about some of what I’ve been into this month.


The number one thing I’ve been into this month is getting to spend half of it with my husband! It’s been hard being apart, and it was good to be with him here and show him around Strasbourg. He left last Thursday, and I’m looking forward to being back with him for good when I head back home at the end of this month. I also got to see more family this month. My aunt, uncle, and cousin visited me in Strasbourg, Aaron and I visited my cousin and his partner in Strasbourg, and then this past weekend I got to visit another aunt and uncle and cousins. It’s been great to get to know my family on this side of the Atlantic better.


I got to add a whole new country to my list this month. I was able to travel to Austria, specifically Vienna and Salzburg. Both were lovely, but I especially enjoyed Salzburg. It was hard, but I was able to restrain myself from singing the Sound of Music soundtrack.

Seriously, how about those mountains? Insert obligatory The Hills Are Alive Joke here.

And of course I had to have schnitzel in Vienna. Austrian cooking definitely has my preferred meat to non-meat ratio.

Speaking of amazing food, I also had the chance to visit Munich and Ingolstadt this month, and Bavarian cuisine is officially one of my favourites.

Also, for my 25th (!) birthday, Aaron and I spent a quick day in London. We got to see In The Heights at the Kings’ Cross Theatre, and it was phenomenal. I just found out today that the play won two well-deserved Olivier awards for choreography and best supporting actor (David Bedella as Kevin Rosario). Since we flew out of Basel, we also took the chance to explore the downtown core of that city and look at the cathedral.

2016-04-04 21.13.15

I’m building a great mini collection of fridge magnets here to add to my full collection when I get home. I’m unreasonably upset about forgetting to pick one up in Ingolstadt though.


Surprisingly little other than watching my¬†way through Friends. I’m halfway through season 10 now.

I also had the privilege of listening to this conversation between Julie Rodgers and Wesley Hill at City Church San Francisco on moral disagreement in the light of the cross. If you’ve got an hour and a half and care about loving the LGBT people in your church well please do listen to what they have to say.

That’s it for me for the month, please do head over to Leigh’s blog and check out some of the other contributions.