What I’m Into September 2015

What I’m Into September 2015

After a week of ridiculously high temperatures at the beginning of September, it looks like fall is finally here to stay. Once again, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share some of what I’ve been into this month.


Not much this month. I read the second book of Erika Johansen’s Tearling series, and it explained some of the world-building that was lacking in book 1. I also read The Word Exchange by Alana Graedon and started on the new Sarah Maas book (which is book 4 of 6 books, when she had originally planned on a trilogy. I have mixed feelings about this. Turns out I really like swift closure.)


I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that the season premiere of The Mindy Project brought me to tears. I’m still apprehensive about the whole Mindy as a mother arc, though. We’re also continuing to watch through Psych. My favourite thing I watched this month, though, was live. We live about half an hour from the Stratford theatre festival, so we’ve been taking advantage of their student matinee pricing to see some shows. At the beginning of the month we watched their production of the Sound of Music, which was absolutely lovely. The nuns’ numbers in particular are gorgeous. We also watched Taming of the Shrew and, while the acting was masterful, the whole Kate/Petruchio arc makes me super undcomfortable. We’re going to Stratford one last time tomorrow to catch a staging of The Alchemist.


The Hamilton soundtrack all day every day. It’s just so brilliant! I’m not even particularly invested in the American Revolution (cause, you know, Canadian/German here), but I can appreciate Lin-Manuel Miranda’s handling of the historical material, from the hilarious rap battles in cabinet between Jefferson and Hamilton (we signed a treaty with a king whose head is now in a basket/would you like to take it out and ask it/should we honour our treaty King Louis’ head?/”uhh, do whatever you want, I’m super dead”)

to stirring battle montages that make me temporarily forget my pacifist leanings

to numbers that are just beautiful and make me tear up.

It’s embarrassing how much of the soundtrack I’ve already memorized, and it’s probably better for my students that I don’t teach the American Revolution, because otherwise my lectures would be 25% me butchering these raps.


Sadly, September marked the end of peach season. However, I’ve still been in the kitchen trying out lots of different recipes. My favourites were these blackberry cheesecake brownies and these feta-stuffed garden salad burgers. As usual, you can find my favourite recipes of the month on this Pinterest board.


I’ve started co-teaching a class this fall, and I’m really enjoying it so far. The students are engaged and creative and really good sports about the 3-hour once a week block.

We also had a good friend from New Brunswick visit us on his way out West. It was lovely to catch up with him, and we may have broken a personal record for most games played in one evening.

That’s it for me for the month. Be sure to head over the Leigh’s blog and check out some of the other submissions.