What I’m Into April 2015


April is drawing to a close (and on a lovely note–we’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather the past few days), which means that it’s time once again to link up with Leigh Kramer to talk about what I’ve been into this month.


As I mentioned last month, I set about rectifying a tragic oversight from my childhood and read the Harry Potter books for the first time, and you guys, I can’t believe I waited this long. They’re so good! (Although they did remind me of how much I don’t miss high school.) I don’t think I’ve ever identified as much with a character as I did with Hermione, and I bawled and bawled and bawled when Dobby died. I also watched all 8 movies (verdict: not nearly enough Dobby, and it’s a shame that Hugh Grant had to pull out of playing Gilderoy Lockhart at the last minute, but otherwise good). I also feel like I now understand a good 25% of the pop culture references I had previously been missing.

I also read Octavia Butler’s Earthseed books (slightly unsettling because they’re set in a frighteningly plausible near-future dystopia), Stacey Jay’s Of Beast and Beauty (a novel take on Beauty and the Beast), and a few other YA novels.


We acquired several new games on Kijiji (Canada’s Craiglist) this month, and I’ve been eagerly roping people into trying them out with us. We played several rounds of Bang!, an Old West dice game that’s sort of a cross between mafia and Yahtzee, and really enjoyed it (although I believe I have yet to win). I also tried and enjoyed Citadels, Alhambra, and San Juan, all strategy-lite games that involve building cities or palaces. I think my favourite new game of the month, though, was a trivia game called Wormhole. It’s basically like Trivial Pursuit, but tailor-made for me, because it focuses mainly on my best areas (geography, history, and culture) and all but ignores my worst(sports and dated pop culture).


We’ve been home visiting family for about half the month, so I didn’t get the chance to cook as much as I usually do (except for pizza. I made pizza three times while I was home), I can, however, enthusiastically recommend this oven-roasted chicken wings recipe from Martha Stewart and these hazelnut butter chocolate chip cookies. As far as pizza recipes go, my favourite new one was definitely this sausage, pear, basil, and goat cheese pizza. As usual, you can find my favourite recipes on my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest Board.


As I mentioned, we spent over half the month at home with our families. it was a great, restful time, and we got to meet our newest niece for the first time and snuggle with her a little. I also got the chance, while I was home, to go to a small retirement get-together for one of my undergraduate professors. He’s been a fabulous mentor for me ever since my first year (in fact, he’s the reason I majored in history in the first place) and it was lovely to see him again and to wish him well.

That’s about it for me. April’s been lovely, but low-key. Stay tuned for next month’s post, in which I will tell you all about my upcoming European travels. Two more weeks to go! Be sure to head over to Leigh’s page for more posts.