What I’m Into March 2015


Once again, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share some of what I’ve been into this month.


My favourite reads of the month were Melissa Cruz’ The Ring and the Crown (I loved the fact that the ending felt realistic, unlike pretty much every other book ever featuring royal/commoner star-crossed lovers) and Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus. I also just decided a few days ago to give Kindle Unlimited a try, so I’ve started reading through the Harry Potter series for (shamefully) the first time. I realize I’m super behind on literally every other person my age who grew up with the books, but I’m enjoying them so far.


Aaron was away at a men’s retreat this weekend, so I binge-watched a ridiculous number of romantic comedies on Netflix. My favourite was definitely What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which had me tearing up more than once. I also watched two movies in theatres this month: Cinderella (visually stunning, but a somewhat insipid heroine, and I missed the talking mice), and Insurgent (I’m reminded as I see them in theatres just how far short this series falls of The Hunger Games).


I’ve been keeping up with all the usual TV this month, although I’m not wild about the direction Once Upon a Time is going. I’m hoping the creators mercifully wrap things up and let everyone live happily ever after already. And of course, March was the month The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt released on Netflix. We binge-watched the whole thing within 48 hours. No regrets! I also watched through the first season of Galavant (a musical comedy set in medieval times) twice, and really enjoyed it. The first few episodes are only ok, but the  latter ones had me in stitches. I’m definitely keeping “If you have more children than teeth, you might be a peasant” in my back pocket to pull out during a lecture someday. Aaron and I have also been watching through Mom and finding it surprisingly enjoyable, although it’s been odd seeing Allison Janney playing a character like Bonnie Plunkett after getting used to seeing her as CJ Cregg on The West Wing.


Aaron and I travelled to Toledo, OH this month to see Rend Collective, Tenth Avenue North, and Chris Tomlin in concert. Rend Collective now has the distinction of being the only band I’ve seen more than once, and they’re well worth seeing, They radiate this infectious enthusiasm every time they’re onstage. Tenth Avenue North, on the other hand, was a bit disappointing live. I love their discography, but the lead singer turned out to have a surprisingly douchey stage persona. The whole rock star thing he was trying to cultivate really didn’t mesh with Tenth’s catalogue.

I’ve also downloaded the Galavant soundtrack and have been playing it a lot on my commute. It’s good fun.


I couldn’t let Pi Day pass by without a Pi Day pie party, so I took the excuse and made three different pies. My favourite was unquestionably this fabulous lemon blueberry cream pie. So good! I also loved this key lime pie trifle, although it turns out that juicing key limes is a really annoying task. As usual, you can find my favourite recipes of the month on my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest Board.

That’s it for me for the month. Be sure to head over to Leigh’s blog for more link-up submissions. They’re always a great way to find new music, books, recipes, and more.


2 responses to “What I’m Into March 2015

  1. I didn’t read Harry Potter until I was older myself. My quadmates and friends at college used to watch the movies all the time, which made me realize I actually wanted to read the series. Now I’m a big fan. And also a Ravenclaw. 😀

    I love Rend Collective. I became a fan of theirs when I saw them live (I think that was also during a Tenth Ave tour) and they are the best performers. It was so much fun!

    I’ve followed Tenth Ave for years, back when they were independent, so I’m quite disappointed to hear that about them. Mike was always one of the most humble men I’d met, both on and off the stage. It’s sad to hear that’s no longer the case. 😦

    Lemon blueberry cream pie?! That sounds amazing. Pi day done right.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Night Circus but I am positively THRILLED you’re reading Harry Potter. The first two books were fine but somewhere between books 3 and 4 I decided JK Rowling was a genius and I would follow her wherever she led.

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