What I’m Into March 2014

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Once again, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share some stuff I’ve been into this month. 


  • Kiera Cass’ “The Selection” and “The Elite”: I started reading these at Leigh’s recommendation and could not put them down. I do love a good YA dystopian novel (although the love triangle in this one isn’t even a little bit compelling). I’m looking forward to the final novel in the series, which comes out in May.
  • Jo Baker’s “Longbourn”: This sounded like it would be so much better than it actually was. I found the novel unnecessarily salacious and the characters not particularly compelling.
  • When Spiritual but not Religious is not Enough by Lillian Daniel: I bought this book based on the strength of the title essay, which I read online and loved.  Daniel is a talented writer and gives a good sermon, I’m sure, but I found that none of the other essays measured up to the first one. I do find myself going back to her point that religion is spirituality with the addition of community and tradition.


  • The Monuments Men: Apparently, I am unable to recognize Cate Blanchett without the Galadriel ears. I went to see this movie with a friend and enjoyed it well enough. It helps that WWII isn’t my time period, so I don’t get as nitpicky.
  • Dan in Real Life: This was a Netflix watch, and I am so over romantic comedies where the principals know each other for all of a weekend and think they’re madly in love.  I think I’m far too much of a romantic skeptic to properly enjoy rom coms.
  • Veronica Mars: I went to see this in theatres on opening night, and I’ve never seen the place so packed. I’d just finished the TV series and, as much as I feel terrible for Piz, it was nice to get something resembling closure for the characters (or at least a return to the status quo). And I have to admit, Jason Dohring has aged really well. I’m less agains the whole Logan-Veronica thing now. Although, is it just me or does the spinoff web series with Dick Casablancas as the main character sound like an awful idea?


  • Call the Midwife Season 3: I’m pretty sure I averaged about 7 ugly cries per episode. It was stunning, as usual, although I’m still bummed that even the poorest characters have nicer teeth than I do.
  • I also wrapped up both my Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls watch-throughs this month, which left me at loose ends. I tried Suits and Friday Night Lights, but couldn’t get into either (I will never understand why Americans love football so much. It bores me to tears.) I eventually settled on Parenthood and Joan of Arcadia, both of which I’m loving.
  • I’m also keeping up on the usuals: How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Community, Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec, and Once Upon a Time (which is shaping up to be another season of “surprise, they’re related” and “surprise, they’re not dead” twists)


I got a copy of Rend Collective’s new CD this month and have been loving it. Boldly I Approach is definitely my favourite track off of the CD.

I also got a physical copy of the Glaubenszentrum Gott und König CD and have been playing it in the car incessantly. My excuse is that I’m using it to teach Aaron German for our trip to Europe this summer.


I’ve been chocolate-free for Lent this year, which means I’ve compensated by going on a huge citrus kick. These blood orange and lemon curd cookies were my favourite experiment.

Meal-wise, I cannot rave enough about these roasted garlic mashed potatoes, this Zuppa Toscana (a soup with potato, kale, and sausage), this pulled pork mac and cheese, and these orange pancakes with orange berry sauce.

As usual, you can find my monthly What I’m Into Pinterest board here.

On the eating out front, I had a chance to stop by Schwartz’ deli during my brief trip to Montreal this month, and I can confirm that those smoked meat sandwiches live up to the hype. So good!


  • Matthew Paul Turner’s post on social media Christianity (following the whole red x to end himan trafficking trend) was phenomenal.
  • Ben Moberg’s posts (here and here) on the whole World Vision imbroglio split my heart wide open. I long for my fellow evangelicals to realize that it’s not our job to play triage for God, and that there is always more room at God’s table.


Pi Day (March 14th) is quite possibly my favourite unofficial holiday. For the past few years, I haven’t let it pass without observing it in some way. This year it fell on a Friday, so I made a bunch of pies and had friends over for board games. Appearance-wise, I was particularly proud of this peach one.



Clockwise from bottom left: Maple Nutmeg Custard Pie, Peach Pie, Coconut Cream Pie in a Meringue Shell, Peanut Butter and Jelly pie, and, my personal favourite, Raspberry Lime Italian Meringue Pie (recipe).

I also turned 23 this month and, as unspectacular-sounding a birthday as that is, took the opportunity to make a trifle. Birthday trifles are becoming a tradition in the Moss household ever since I made this Turtle Trifle for my husband’s birthday last summer (easily my most pinned/viewed post ever). This time, I went with this peaches and cream trifle and it looked just as lovely.


On the non-food front, I went on a brief trip to Montreal for a conference this month, which I really enjoyed, and, while in the city, I also had the chance to meet up with an old friend for supper, which was absolutely lovely.

I also did my first stint in the nursery at church, and can now confirm what parents have known all along—that toddlers are little getaway artists. You wouldn’t think they could move that fast, but you’d be wrong.


Anyway, that’s been my March (well, that and endless snow and cold). Be sure to head on over to Leigh’s blog for more posts.