That’s Church–Cross Stitch Chart

So, a week and a half ago on Twitter (as recently catalogued on Rachel Held Evans’ Sunday Superlatives), this happened:


And since I love all things cross-stitch, I naturally volunteered.


It’s not actually stitched yet, but I have a paper to procrastinate, so I did put together a chart. Depending on what count Aida you use, I figure it should make a largeish bookmark. 



Yes, I made it in Paint. What can I say, I’m technologically challenged. Also pattern creation software is kind of expensive. I didn’t assign specific DMC colours, since a variety should work ok, The church at the top is a modification of a house pattern from Kooler Design Studio’s 2006 booklet “80+ Cross-Stitch Kind Thoughts,” and the alphabets I used were from their “A Big Collection of Alphabets in Cross Stitch” booklet. I’m not sure of the year.

Given how my list of cross-stitch projects usually works, this could be done within the week or it could take weeks. I do also have a Dr. Horrible cross stitch and an Eshet Chayil cross stitch to work on. Thank goodness for Christmas break, right?


6 responses to “That’s Church–Cross Stitch Chart

  1. You are so awesome! For reals.

  2. How much do you want to make me one???

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