What I’m Into June 2013


Once again, I’m contributing to Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into link-up.  Do take time to browse some of the other submissions as well, they’re always good for coming across new recipes, blog posts, and more.  As for me, I’ve spent June alternating between writing my thesis and procrastinating writing my thesis (the length of this list, I’m afraid, testifies to just how much I’ve procrastinated, and it doesn’t even show how many games of solitaire I’ve played.)


Only one this month.  I prefer television to movies, as a rule, because it’s much easier to justify watching “just one more” episode.  However, Netflix Canada just got Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and I was morbidly curious.  Overall, it was about as good as I expected it to be–not great, but not the worst way to spend two hours either.  It was so blatantly and self-consciously historically inaccurate that even I couldn’t bring myself to watch for errors to get mad about (a hobby of mine when I watch most period films–occupational hazard).


This month I found the time to read a whopping eight books that had absolutely nothing to do with the female prophetic tradition in early Anabaptism.  It was lovely.

  • Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans: My blog post links below will attest to the fact that there’s not much RHE writes that I don’t love.  I liked A Year of Biblical Womanhood better, but Evolving in Monkey Town was fantastic as well.
  • Responding to Abuse in Christian Homes, a volume of essays edited by Nancy Nason-Clark, Catherine Clark Kroeger, and Barbara Fisher-Townsend.  So many helpful chapters in this for pastors, church leaders, and any Christian who is passionate about supporting women who’ve been affected by domestic violence.  One of the chapters even includes a helpful quiz to help you determine if your church is a safe place for DV victims and survivors.
  • Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton: a short read, but a crucial one.  It’s along the lines of When Helping Hurts, which I also cannot recommend highly enough.
  • Four Views on Hell from Zondervan’s Counterpoints series: The chapter and rebuttals by John Walvoord (the proponent of the literal fire and brimstone view) drove me up the wall (I lost count of how many times he used the word inerrancy), but the other three chapters were definitely thought provoking.  A chapter by a Christian universalist would have made a nice addition.
  • All three books in Jennifer Worth’s Call the Midwife trilogy: so good!  I love the show, and the books are raw and real and wonderful too.  I aspire to one day be half as wise and good as Sister Julienne and to get away with being half as eccentric as Sister Monica Joan.
  • Men and Women in the Church by Sarah Sumner.  Some of her rhetoric about feminism irked me, because it’s a wider tent than she gives it credit for.  Heck, by Sarah Bessey’s definition, she’s a feminist herself. However, she represents and challenges conservative positions with more grace and fairness than I can usually muster, so it’s a book I’d recommend to complementarians especially.


  • Parks and Recreation: Leslie Knope is my favourite TV feminist.  I’m so excited for the next season that I’m thinking of kicking it off with a P&R-inspired dinner party.  We’ll see how creative I feel come fall.
  • Better Off Ted: We went through both seasons on Netflix pretty quickly.  It’s good for a laugh at the expense of evil soulless corporations.
  • 30 Rock: I watched all 7 seasons in about 2 weeks.  It accounts for about half of my procrastination this month.  I’m pretty sure I make Tina Fey’s badger face a lot.
  • I tried one episode of Portlandia, but couldn’t get into it, so it’s back to the drawing board to find a new show to binge one.  I’ve heard good things about Modern Family

Blog Posts

  • So Alan Chambers shut down Exodus!  That’s kind of huge.  The conversation surrounding LGBT folks and the church is definitely changing.  There were all kinds of blog posts about it, but I’ll point y’all to Jeff Chu’s interview with Alan Chambers for a start.
  • Practically every post Christena Cleveland has ever written.  This woman is just full of grace, truth, and wisdom.  Favourites include Idolizing Diversity, Privilege Says, Why Justice Needs Reconciliation, and Guarding Your Heart From Oppression.
  • This post by Ed Cyzewski on why he hates the word inerrancy is well worth a read
  • My favourites from RHE this month: A Woman’s Voice, Why the Church Can Support Breadwinning Wives, Modesty: I Don’t Think it Means What You Think It Means, and an old one I just discovered called Accidental Feminist.
  • This post by Micah Murray on why he’s not a sex robot who just loves his wife to get in her pants (and why other men aren’t/shouldn’t be either.)
  • Megan Gahan’s article on perfectionism definitely resonated with me
  • Caris Adel’s series deconstructing the True Woman 101 series by Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  Read at your own risk, though, if you have a low tolerance for bs because she shares a lot of cringeworthy quotes.  And whatever you do, try to avoid clicking links to the original.  I’ve ended up seething a few too many times 😛
  • This post from Mary DeMuth challenges the church to stop protecting perpetrators of abuse at the expense of their victims
  • I love this idea: of women in science Lego mini-figurines.


  • The weather’s been warmer than I like it this past week, so I’ve compromised by pulling out my blender and trying some great new frozen drinks.  It turns out, 2 frozen bananas, a cup of milk, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 1 tablespoon cocoa, and a splash of vanilla make an absolutely phenomenal milkshake.  I’ve also been experimenting with making my own frozen lemonade using frozen fruit instead of ice.
  • I caved and got a Twitter account.  What finally broke me?  I wanted an easy way to complain to Westminster John Knox Press about the lack of women in their armchair theologians series.  I can’t decide if that’s great or sad.  You can follow me at   http://twitter.com/christinaemoss
  • Over on my other blog I contributed a post to a link-up on books that have changed my life.  So many memories relived!
  • My church has been doing a donation drive all month for our local women’s shelter, which I am so excited about.  I brought the idea of supporting the shelter to our leadership team last month and I’ve been so encouraged by how enthusiastically they got on board with the idea.  We’re storing the donations at our home, so this means our office is currently filled with boxes of diapers.and baby wipes.
  • What with watching so much TV this month, I’m getting a ton of cross-stitching done.  I finished the adorable owl bib below around season 6 or 30 Rock.   Also pictured below, every cross-stitch I’ve finished since I started writing my thesis in February.  It’s a pretty good metric of how much TV I’ve watched/how many hours I’ve spent procrastinating since then.
  • And finally, speaking of my thesis, I just submitted my first full draft yesterday!  It still needs a ton of editing, but I’m spending the weekend celebrating and trying not to think about that.  That’ll be July’s problem.